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Mission 5 - Ixadelt by Org-Saturnine Mission 5 - Ixadelt :iconorg-saturnine:Org-Saturnine 1 0
Mission 5 - Relyxt
The Matrix was always a fun world to visit. There were only a few people who actually posed a threat, and if he was attacked, Relyxt could always run back to the castle until he figured out any potential weaknesses. In fact, he only had one experience in which he was highly threatened.
It was just another day in the Matrix. Relyxt was running around, causing a little havoc among the human residents of the world. The Agents, who appeared to run the world from behind the scenes, appeared whenever he did this. They were strong, which was why Relyxt usually ran from any conflict with them. If he could just figure out why they could do what they could… They didn't look any different from the average human, aside from their somewhat fancier clothes.
"Causing more trouble, I see."
"…Hello, Agent." (Time to run!)
Relyxt hauled it down the street until he reached a small alley where he could probably get away quickly. He made the gesture to summon a Corridor of Darkness at the entranc
:iconorg-saturnine:Org-Saturnine 0 0
Mission 1 - Ixadelt by Org-Saturnine Mission 1 - Ixadelt :iconorg-saturnine:Org-Saturnine 3 0
Mission 2 - Ixadelt
Name: Ixadelt
Others/Somebodies name: Atedil
Proof of existence: The Tantalizing Diamond
Homeworld: Agrabah
Age: 25
Weight: 123 lbs
Height: 5'7"
Gender: Female
Element: Muscle
Weapon: Bo Staff
Bio: The streets of Agrabah were always swarmed with thieves, even when in the throws of a pleasant economic spell. Atedil was an urchin and orphan from birth, wandering the streets with sticky fingers, snatching anything edible for a simple daily meal. It wasn't a proper way of living, but it was a living.
Later, when she was a teenager, she found a different calling. Performing. Like many other performers along the streets, she earned a more effective and legal living doing cartwheels, handstands, and other flexible feats in choreographed order.
Old habits died hard. Adetil eventually got back into her thieving ways, including more close interaction with the Arabian Underground of Agrabah.
One night, while she was picking her prey from late night strollers to pickpocket and ditch, she heard a r
:iconorg-saturnine:Org-Saturnine 1 0
Mission 1 - Relyxt
Hair Color:Purple, medium length
Hairstyle:Bedhead, usually covers at least one eye partially
Skin:Caucasian, medium grade tan
Long-limbed, no noticeable musculature
Clothes: Normal Organization cloak, storage pouch attached to belt, pouch
flap and belt buckle have the Organization's symbol on them
:iconorg-saturnine:Org-Saturnine 0 0
Mission 2 - Relyxt
Name: Relyxt
Somebody: Tyler
POE: The Distorted Signal
Found in: Hollow Bastion Floor
Born in: Hollow Bastion
Age: 16
Weight: 190 lbs
Height: 6'2"
Gender: Male
Element: Interference
Weapon: PDA
Brief Bio: Originally a real world tech for Space Paranoids (the only one with a KeyBlade), a Heartless attack on the
factory's generators during a maintenance period would lead to his heart loss at the hands of a sneaky NeoShadow. Normally
absorbed in projects of his own design,he can usually be seen spacing out if he's walking around the castle. Despite his quiet
behavior, he opens up once you hang around with him for a while.
Battle style: Usually tries to keep enemies at long range using his element, but he can create a knife using his weapon as a
base for an Interference blade to fend off those that get too close
Limit Break (Not suicidal, but dangerous): Screech Burst: An unstable field of Interference is created around Relyxt,
exploding and dissippating at the same time, causing heavy dam
:iconorg-saturnine:Org-Saturnine 0 0
Laixtra- The Mystic Enchanter by Org-Saturnine Laixtra- The Mystic Enchanter :iconorg-saturnine:Org-Saturnine 1 0 Naux- The Savage Soundwave by Org-Saturnine Naux- The Savage Soundwave :iconorg-saturnine:Org-Saturnine 1 0 Mission 17- Kexita by Org-Saturnine Mission 17- Kexita :iconorg-saturnine:Org-Saturnine 0 0 Kexita Mission 19 by Org-Saturnine Kexita Mission 19 :iconorg-saturnine:Org-Saturnine 1 0 Mission 1 - Kexita by Org-Saturnine Mission 1 - Kexita :iconorg-saturnine:Org-Saturnine 1 0 Mission 4- Meixanran by Org-Saturnine Mission 4- Meixanran :iconorg-saturnine:Org-Saturnine 0 0 Mission 7- Meixanran by Org-Saturnine Mission 7- Meixanran :iconorg-saturnine:Org-Saturnine 0 0 Mission 1 - Naux by Org-Saturnine Mission 1 - Naux :iconorg-saturnine:Org-Saturnine 1 0
Mission 2 Meixanran
Name:- Meixanran
Others/Somebodies name:- Marianne
Proof of Existence:- The Bizarre Duplicator
World found in:-  Wonderland
Age:- 22
Weight:- 120 lbs.
Height:- 5'9"
Gender:- Female
Element:- Duplication
Weapon:- Throwing Knives
Brief Bio of your character:- Meixanran is an odd person. She's stoic most of the time but in order not to be alone as a nobody she always has one of her clones follow her around. If something is going on she usually agrees to join in.
In battle/battle style:- she waits for her opponent to attack first and when they do she sends an army of people to attack. Meixanran fights long distance since she can have others attack for her and also because she has a long ranged weapon
Brief bio of how you wield your weapon:- Meixanran always has one of her knives strapped to her arm just in case. She uses it to strike at her opponent and usually multiplies them if she feels that she has to. Her knives aren't the strongest weapons but if she hits someone in the rig
:iconorg-saturnine:Org-Saturnine 0 0
Mission 1 - Meixanran by Org-Saturnine Mission 1 - Meixanran :iconorg-saturnine:Org-Saturnine 0 0


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A bunch of Nobodies.
United States
These missions can be completed in any order, to achieve sorcerer rank you must complete ALL missions.
Event missions are not required to obtain Berserker rank.
Event missions will be random and can either be written or drawn, unless stated otherwise.
To send in a mission, simply send it in a note to the club.
Every piece of fan-art will count as 5 points.
If a mission can be written, it must be at least three paragraphs.

Recruiting Mission (15 points for each new member)
-If you recruit someone they:
--First, Must be accepted.
---Second, must send us a note telling us who referred them.
----This is a never-ending mission!</i> meaning you can do it more than once and get credits each time it is completed.


1.)Character Sheet. (Drawn/Written) (10 points)
-Draw your Nobody following these Guidelines
--(Required when you join)
---If you write this please, Please, PLEASE make it detailed. You will only need to provide detail about physical appearance, but make it seem as though it came from a professional novel.

2.) Character Information. (Written only) (10 points)
-Give us the information on your Nobody following these Guidelines   
--(Required when you join)

3.)Find your voice! {Bonus Mission}(5 points)
-Everybody has a voice! Give us an example of yours!!
--(Cannot be a Square Enix/Final Fantasy characters voice)
---(Find a You Tube video with your voice and submit it to us via note titled: Mission 3)
----(this mission will appear beside your Nobody in the members list)

4.) Your weapon! (drawn only) (5 points)
-Show us your weapon! Don't forget to name it!
--(You can draw your weapon alone, or you can be wielding it)

5.) Show us a taste of your power. {Bonus mission} (10 points)
-Show us what you can do when confronted.
--(you can be attacking someone, but please, no gore.)

6.) Tell us your story! (Drawn/written) (10 points)
-We want to know how you became a Nobody!
--(remember, you must be attacked by a heartless)

7.) Show us your other/somebody! (Drawn only) (10 points)
-We want to see a picture of your other/somebody, surely you have one somewhere? Right?
--(Draw your other/somebody)

8.) The other side (Drawn only) (10 points)
- We would like to see you and your other/somebody "hanging out"
--(you may be interacting with your Other/Somebody, but it isn't required, you are both required to be in the picture, however.)

9.) A day with Superior (Drawn/Written) (15 points)
-What would you do if we were to "hang" for a day?
--(Tell/Show us what you would want to do. {You can draw any superior from Organization Oblivion})

10.) Meeting the superior (Drawn/Written) (15 points)
-Our minds are a little fuzzy due to the amount of work we have to do... would you mind reminding me of how we met?
--(Draw us meeting for the first time, This can be made up, or it can be the first time we met in the chat. {you can draw any superior of Organization Oblivion.})

11.) Visiting Twilight town. (Drawn/written, if written it must be detailed.) (10 points)
-You decide to take a break away from Organization Oblivion, and you really aren't planning on getting attacked by Sora today, so, try to blend in!
--(draw/explain  your Twilight town clothes)

12.) Visiting Atlantica. (Drawn/Written, if written must be detailed.) (10 points)
-Twilight town was kinda boring, how about making a splash into Atlantica?! Have some fun and  play with the locals, or relax on a large, sun-warmed rock.
--(Draw/explain your Atlantean form)

13.) Visiting the Pride Lands. (Drawn/Written, if written must be detailed.) (10 points)
-Atlantica was a little bit too... wet. ugh, how about we dry off and and explore the vast, beautiful expanse of the great African plains.
--(Draw/explain your Pride Land form)

14.) Visiting Halloween Town. (Drawn/Written, if written must be detailed.) (10 points)
-Whew, The Pride Lands sure were HOT! Time to cool down and maybe pull a couple of relaxing pranks, Kukukuku.....
--(Draw/explain your Halloween Town form, remember, This world has many vast creatures within, be creative!)

15.) Embrace the pirate within.... (Drawn/Written, if written must be detailed.) (10 points)
-Wow! A world filled with Pirates! How cool! Let's go visit and maybe do some pillaging, and, and we could go on adventures! And we could poke some fun at the land lubbers, arrr...
--(Draw/ explain your Pirate clothes.)

16.) Running into that pesky Sora (Drawn/written) (10 points)
-Oh, dear... you ran into Sora? Well... how did that turn out? Hopefully you were the lucky one...
--(Tell/Show us what happened when you met the "oh-so-wonderful" Sora.)

17.) Shopping time!! {Bonus Mission} (Drawn/written) (10 points)
-Well, well, well, It looks like it's your turn to go shopping, but in all my haste to push you out of the castle, I forgot to give you the list of things we need... Maybe you can improvise... Get the things you think The main castle is running out of.
--(Don't be afraid to use some comedy in this one! Nothing is off limits. (besides gore of course)

18.) Cleaning the castle! {Bonus mission} (Drawn/Written) (10 points)
-Woot! It's cleaning time again, oh... what's that? Me? No no no, I wont be cleaning the castle, silly, I'm much too busy doing.... Superior stuff. It's YOUR turn.
--(Draw/Write what you did when you were cleaning, [or supposed to be cleaning] don't forget to include any mishaps! {yes, it's a comedy mission, just like Mission 17})

19.) FREE TIME! {Bonus mission} (Drawn/Written) (10 points)
-Well, I've decided to be nice and give you some time off, so go on ahead and do whatever you like to do!
--(Draw/Write what you did with the free time that I gave you. Don't forget about your hobbies.)

20.) Gender-Bender {bonus) (drawn only) (10 points)
-Oh noes! You've been turned into a girl! Well... can I at least see a picture of what happened? Please?
--(Draw yourself as the opposite gender)

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